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Providing Access for the Judicially Served

The Almond Connection (TAC) offers a two-year program consisting of three stages preparing men and women who are judicially served with access to services to improve self-sufficiency


Who can participate?

TAC serves men and women, who reside in Guilford County, ages 18 and over with felony convictions that are non-sexual in nature. Participants can be post release, probationers or individuals who received a suspended sentence without incarceration.

Stage 1:  The Budding Process

  • Program Screening & Intake 

  • Assessments & Referrals

    • Housing, Food, Clothing, Employment, Job Training, Education, Legal Support, Healthcare, Transportation, Social Services 

  • Personal Development Curriculum & Counseling 

  • Family Engagement 

Stage 3:  Bearing Fruit

  • Monitoring & Case Management

  • Mentorship

  • Celebrating 8

Stage 2:  The Blossoming Process

  • Review of Plan from Stage 1

  • Adjustments as Appropriate

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